Podcast #48-17 Clayton Weakley- Desk Rx

Clayton Weakley is a life-long learner and mover who aspires to inspire and facilitate change in himself as well as others around him. Clayton received his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh; he currently works as a Senior Health Coach Specialist for an insurance company, teaches yoga and mobility at Ascend Pittsburgh, and most recently started a side business, Desk Rx, that helps educate companies how to stay healthy while sitting at a desk job. Clayton loves photography, punk rock and metal, Buddhism, and his goldendoodle, Cecil. He also loves rock climbing. A lot. To learn more about Clayton, connect with him using the social media links below.

Show Notes:
Clayton Weakley, contact info:
Website: www.deskrx.net

e-mail: clayton@deskrx.net

Instagram – Desk Rx: https://www.instagram.com/deskrx

Instagram – Personal: https://www.instagram.com/zen.punk

Links mentioned in the Podcast:
UPMC Health Plan

The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh

Ascend Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (South Side Flats)

Check out the FitLabPGH Podcast episode featuring Ascend Pittsburgh, released February 26, 2017

Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch Seminars by Functional Anatomy Seminars

Yoga Tune Up by Tune Up Fitness

The Climbing Wall, Pittsburgh, PA (Point Breeze)

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Fluidstance – wobble boards / standing decks

Zero Gravity Float Company, South Hills of Pittsburgh (Castle Shannon)

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Levity Float Studio, Pittsburgh, PA (Squirrel Hill)

MUV Integrated Physical Culture, Pittsburgh, PA

Check out the FitLabPGH Podcast episode featuring MUV Integrated Physical Culture, released July 16, 2017

Contact Info for FitLabPGH:
Email: fitlabpgh@gmail.com

Twitter: @fitlabpgh

Instragram: @fitlabpgh

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Attribution for Intro/Exit Podcast Music:
Marathon Man by Jason Shaw from the album Audionautix: Acoustic, licensed under an Attribution 3.0 United States License. Available at www.FreeMusicArchive.org