Luke Koval- A Pittsburgh Mover & Educator

Luke Koval (in his own words): Started personal training while getting my degree in Kinesiology from Penn State. I had a great mentor at a local gym that taught me a lot about the industry and business. It was a great job to have while I was completing my M.S in Wellness and Human Performance from Pitt as well since it was easy to pack my free time with clients and not be tied down to a 9-5 gig. I have been involved in sports and fitness my whole life. Team sports growing up, Bodybuilding through college, which got me into powerlifting while simultaneously living to be outdoors on the trails. Preferably mountain biking but two torn triceps have ended my season the last couple years. My passion is to pass on the passion to others. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone introduced to a new healthy outlet/activity and fall in love with it. I have seen so many individuals go from survive to thrive just by providing them with an option and coaching them through it. I love it.

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