FitLabPGH Features #30:19 Milo, Ella, Hannah & Nelson

FitLabPGH is a podcast about movement and movement opportunities in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  Once a week we also highlight a FitLabPGH mover…someone who understands that movement is a lifestyle…not just an activity.  The questions are lightly edited to allow for easy readability.  Click FitLabPGH Features for more info if you want to be featured/know someone who should be featured.

This Week: Milo, Ella, Hannah & Nelson

Are you a Pittsburgh native? If not, what brought you to the Pittsburgh area? Most of us are except for the little red neck from Arkansas.

What are your three favorite movement activities in the Pittsburgh area? Walking in the woods… running in the woods…sprinting through the woods

Describe your fantasy movement-focused vacation…cost is not an object…where do you go and what do you do? Please check above answers and maybe bigger woods with a lake.

What is your go-to weekday breakfast? Your weekend breakfast? Our human feeds us the same boring stuff everyday, gentle giants dog food.

What is your favorite thing to eat in Pittsburgh? Note: it does not need to be healthy. We aren’t picky so anything will do, especially if it is slightly rotten and found in the woods.

What is the most unusual and/or challenging movement activity you’ve done? Would you do it again? Chasing deer and rabbits, you betcha we would the little guy from Arkansas has a hard time keeping up because his legs are so short but he sure is enthusiastic.

What movement activity/event are you looking forward to in the next year? Walking, running and sprinting through the woods.

Would you rather go scuba diving or skydiving? Neither of those options sound like fun, we all agree that we would skip those activities!!

What is your favorite recovery or self-care practice? Hanging and chilling out on the couch!

What is the one place visitors to Pittsburgh “must” see? All the parks and hiking trails Pittsburgh has to offer, again we like walking, running and sprinting through those woods!!

Contact info for Milo-man, Ella-baby, Hannah-banana, and Nelson baby boy: All 4 dogs maintain a low profile, with no social media presence, so we hope you have enjoyed their exclusive interview with FitLabPGH Features