FitLabPGH Features 6:20 Candice Rush

FitLabPGH is a podcast about movement and movement opportunities in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  Once a week we also highlight a FitLabPGH mover…someone who understands that movement is a lifestyle…not just an activity.  The questions are lightly edited to allow for easy readability.  Click FitLabPGH Features for more info if you want to be featured/know someone who should be featured.

This Week: Candice Rush

Are you a Pittsburgh native? If not, what brought you to the Pittsburgh area? Yes. I am from Mt. Lebanon. I left and went to the University of Delaware and then moved to Maryland for the next 13 years. I just moved back to the area about three years ago.

What are your three favorite movement activities in the Pittsburgh area? I love going from studio to studio and taking different types of fitness classes. It’s a great way to get new ideas and to challenge your body to target different muscle groups from what you are used to.

Describe your fantasy movement-focused vacation…cost is not an object…where do you go and what do you do? I would love the opportunity to go on a Point Break Retreat, which focuses on surfing and ballet. I think it sounds like such a cool concept. And I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica.

What is your go-to weekday breakfast? Your weekend breakfast? Peanut Butter and Banana on a Rice Cake (harnessing my inner Elvis) Weekend – Gluten Free toast with avocado and a poached egg (Mediterra Cafe has my favorite)

What is your favorite thing to eat in Pittsburgh? Note: it does not need to be healthy. Ohhh tough one. My husband and I love good restaurants. Our favorites in Pittsburgh have to be Dish, Morcilla, and Arlecchino

What is the most unusual and/or challenging movement activity you’ve done? Would you do it again? Rock Climbing was by far the most challenging activity I have ever done! I don’t think I could move the next day. And yes I would definitely do it again.

What movement activity/event are you looking forward to in the next year? I love the fundraising event Race To Anyplace in support of the LLS. Our studio Endure Barre will be racing as a team.

Would you rather go scuba diving or skydiving? Sky diving

What is your favorite recovery or self-care practice? Liquid IV hydration Packs. A must every single day!

What is the one place visitors to Pittsburgh “must” see? The Incline and Mt. Washington. A Pittsburgh staple

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