Movement is a Lifestyle Micro-Workout: Suspension Trainer Shoulder Series

FitLabPGH Podcast is doing something a little different today. Instead of releasing a new podcast episode, we’re bringing you a suspension trainer micro-workout. This Shoulder Series consists of 3 exercises and is designed to activate the posterior chain of the torso…and counter-act some of the effects of spending too much time hunched over a computer. DISCLAIMER: this video is intended for entertainment purposes only! Please consult a qualified professional for diagnosis and treatment of pain or injury.

Disclaimer complete. Now for the fun. These exercises can be performed on any type of suspension trainer (TRX, Monkii, gymnastic rings, etc…). We suggest starting with 20-60 seconds of each exercise (but listen to your body)! Want to make an exercise more challenging? Walk forward, putting your body at a steeper angle. Need to make an exercise less challenging? Walk backward, putting your body at a less steep angle. The three exercises are:
1) Reverse Soda (or Beer) Can Squeeze. Focus on squeezing shoulder blades together and letting straight arms go along for the ride
2) Row (palms down). Focus on the big muscles of the back and not shrugging your shoulders
3) 3-Part Shoulder: Row-Rotate-Lift. Focus on not shrugging the shoulders and keeping tension on the suspension trainer straps throughout the exercise. This series makes a great break in your work-from-home workday.

We’ll be bringing you additional micro-workouts over the next few weeks. If you have any topics you’d like us to address, send us a message or comment below.

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