Video Podcast- Find Ways to Move More

Today’s FitLabPGH podcast release is a repost video podcast challenging you to find ways to Move More. We are almost 11 months into the pandemic…this was recorded during the last PA order to close all gyms and fitness facilities…while your facility may now be open…you may not be comfortable attending in person classes. If your favorite forms of movement are temporarily unavailable, there are MANY ways to keep moving…and we’re here to suggest a few options.

We recommend the video below, but if you are an audio listener the info is also available via audio.

Tip 1: Walk your Labradors…No Labradors in your life? Why not??? (Just kidding). If you don’t have a dog to walk, walk anyway…perhaps with your kids, or a friend, or your cat… Not a fan of walking? Try something else! Need inspiration? Check our podcast and movement tips archives at for ideas.

Tip 2: Phone a Friend… Ask a friend and/or accountability partner for movement ideas…perhaps you can even join each other in a virtual fitness challenge. Ben’s friend challenged him to a virtual cycling challenge…which somehow resulted in a pair of new bikes for Lisa!

Tip 3: Ask your Gym for Help. Many gyms and fitness facilities are still offering virtual classes. Looking for something more individualized? Ask about virtual personal training or for a home workout plan.

Tip 4: Make the gym PART of your movement practice…and look for other ways to add movement to your life. Even a short walk can be an excellent addition to your structured workouts…speaking of walking…consider walking when you’re on a non-Zoom work call. If you take that work call outside, be sure to be aware of your surroundings…stay safe!

Take home message: the pandemic sucks…but can you find the positive in a tough time? Maybe the positive is that this is the time you find ways to Move More…which MAY make you calmer, and improve your ability to rest…and to concentrate…added bonus: by making movement part of your lifestyle, you may serve as a positive role model for those around you.

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