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FitLabPGH Movement Tips & Lifestyle Hacks 11:21

@FitLabPGH Movement Tip & Lifestyle Hack Videos
movement is the normal not the abnormal because #movementisalifestyle

FitLabPGH is a Pittsburgh area podcast and promoter of the ethos movement is a lifestyle, not just an activity.  Each week we bring you 3 movement tip & lifestyle hack videos to help you treat movement as normal, not abnormal.

Week 11 of 2021be a good #hikingbuddy you don’t need to #crushit everytime and #runningshoes don’t forget function over flair…all promoting #movementisalifestyle

Want to tell your movement story, or the movement story of your 4 legged friend our FitLabPGH Feature gives you that opportunity.  This week we featured Gracie & Mia– a repost from their pandemic plan from March, 2020…who knew a year later their advice would still be relevent??

Learn more about our Features and submit a questionnaire to be highlighted.  If you are from outside the Pittsburgh area fill out a Movement is a Lifestyle Features.