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FitLabPGH Features 13:21 Adonah Perry

FitLabPGH is a podcast about movement and movement opportunities in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  Once a week we also highlight a FitLabPGH mover…someone who understands that movement is a lifestyle…not just an activity.  The questions are lightly edited to allow for easy readability.  Click FitLabPGH Features for more info if you want to be featured/know someone who should be featured.

This Week: Adonah Perry

Are you a Pittsburgh native? If not, what brought you to the Pittsburgh area? If so, why are you still here? Born and raised!!! Pittsburgh and I have a love/hate relationship lol

What are your three favorite movement activities in the Pittsburgh area? Cycling, Versaclimbing, and Yoga

Describe the best vacation you’ve ever taken? Where did you go? What movement activities did you include? The best vacay I probably took was a few years ago to Cali! I was out there for my cousin’s wedding at the time and I remember my cousins took my sisters and I down to Malibu beach to walk along the beach & admire some of the caves from afar! At that time I was in the prime of my fitness journey so sadly I didn’t really schedule time for the gym like I should have, but walking around Universal Studios could count right?

What is your favorite pre- or post-workout snack? Favorite post snack: Goat cheese & Blueberries (Please try asap!)

What is your favorite thing to eat in Pittsburgh? Note: it does not need to be healthy. Coop De Ville chicken sandwich & anything from Cinderlands! I have LOTS of favorite restaurants!

Do you have a movement activity on your “bucket list”? If not, what’s a movement activity/event you’re looking forward to in the next year? I actually do! My goal for this summer (hopefully) is to get outside more to visit North Park and go out on hikes with my boyfriend/friends!

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to getting people to move more? People have a big problem with Self motivation! I could go on for DAYS about this topic lol

What do you feel is the most adventurous movement activity you’ve ever done? The most adventurous movement activity that I’ve ever done was become a cycle instructor! Never in a million years did I think I would ever be an instructor, but here we are! Also I’ll be becoming a nurse next year too so I’ll count that as a HUGE adventurous movement for myself!

What is your favorite recovery or self-care practice? I’ve become slightly obsessed with infrared sauna sessions! Also will be trying out a Cryotherapy at Restore and plan to do a float session at Victory Float lounge!

What is your favorite spot in Pittsburgh? (Bonus points if it is a “hidden gem”) I have a few places, but first place that comes to mind is the Color Park in south side!

Contact info for Adonah Perry:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adonah_lynn16/