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FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 22:22 Movement is a Lifestyle

Have you heard the news from the FitLabPGH Labs??? We’ve introduced Labrador Lessons from the FitLabPGH Podcast! Every Thursday, we’ll be bringing you wisdom from the FitLabPGH Labradors (with occasional input from the cats).

Movement is a Lifestyle.

As Labradors, we love to move, whether we’re hiking/jogging, taking a recovery day stroll, or casually playing around in the backyard. Our cat roommates also like move and play. While we don’t attend structured “workouts,” we all make movement part of our lifestyle.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, make time to “just” move. Workouts and scheduled activities are great, but make time for unstructured movement in between your planned workouts. Take a stroll through the woods or a local park. Take an extra walk with your dog(s). Do a little mobility work before bed. Make time for a casual bike ride. Just Move.

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