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FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 26:22 It’s Your Birthday; Celebrate if You Want to

Have you heard the news from the FitLabPGH Labs??? We’ve introduced Labrador Lessons from the FitLabPGH Podcast! Every Thursday, we’ll be bringing you wisdom from the FitLabPGH Labradors (with occasional input from the cats).

It’s your birthday; celebrate if you want to.

Yesterday (6/29/22) was Puddin the Yellow Lab’s 4th birthday. In honor of the occasion, we let her choose today’s Labrador Lesson…her message? On your birthday, or on other special occasions, you should choose IF you want to celebrate and HOW you want to celebrate. Maybe you want to hang out with friends; maybe you want to stay home and take a nap; or perhaps you want to hike up a monster hill. There is no wrong way to celebrate…as long as you, and those around you, stay safe.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, choose to celebrate your special occasions in a manner that makes you happy…and keeps you safe. Don’t worry about how that celebration, or lack of celebration, looks on social media.

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