FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 32:22 You Don’t Need to “Crush It” Everyday

Labrador Lesson for 8/11/22:

You don’t need to “Crush It” everyday.

We are energetic Labradors. We like to get outside and get moving most days of the week. But we know that doing TOO much puts us at risk of injury. So our humans track our mileage, and factor in the weather, and our week of movement consists of a balance of longer, more intense sessions and recovery walks.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, remember that overtraining puts you at risk of injury, illness, or burnout. Listen to your body. Feeling extra energized? Push the intensity or duration. Feeling tired or rundown? Opt for gentle movement or an active rest day. We’re not saying you shouldn’t “get after it,” but balance your “crush it” days with recovery time! Make movement a lifestyle for your lifespan rather than a short-term goal.

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