Daily Archives: September 15, 2022

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 37:22 Create a Movement Back-Up Plan

Labrador Lesson for 9/15/22:

Create a movement back-up plan.

As Labradors, we love to move. Like most movers, we have our favorite movement routine. For us, that includes hiking in our local county park. When our favorite location isn’t available, due to an event like the Covered Bridge Festival or due to icy trails, we have a movement back-up plan that allows us to keep moving.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, we recommend creating a movement back-up plan that allows you to keep moving when life gets in the way of your preferred movement routine. Whether your favorite class is canceled or a work or family obligation prevents you from attending your movement activity of choice, if you have a back-up plan, you can still make movement part of your day. Keep a list of movement options, so that when your routine is disrupted, you can still find ways to just move.

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