Daily Archives: October 27, 2022

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 43:22 Make Movement Part of Your Lifestyle Year-Round

Labrador Lesson for 10-27-22:

Make movement part of your lifestyle year-round.

As Labradors, we love to get outside for a walk/jog in ANY weather. Granted, we prefer cold, snowy days to hot, humid days, but overall, we just like to get out and move. We understand certain humans are more particular about their weather preferences, but we suggest you look beyond the weather and commit to year-round movement…especially if you have dogs. Tired dogs are happy, healthy dogs, so unless your dog loves the treadmill, get prepared to get outside year-round.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, get prepared to make movement part of your lifestyle year-round. Pick up the proper gear, then move more, and keep moving, no matter the weather.

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