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FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 46:22 National Hiking Day Safety Tips

Labrador Lesson for 11-17-22:

Safety tips for National Hiking Day.

As Labradors, we don’t need an excuse like #nationalhikingday to get outside for a walk/hike/run…but because it IS National Hiking Day, here are 3 tips to help keep your 4-legged friends safe when you take us for a hike. 1) Keep us on a leash so that we don’t eat anything or chase anything that might hurt us. 2) Don’t overwork us. We get it. Temps are cooler; you’re ready to crush it! But take time to condition us for longer hikes. 3) Check our paws before and after hikes for signs of wear or injuries.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, get outside and get moving. Don’t wait for next year’s National Hiking Day to #takeahike

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FitLabPGH Presents Movement is a Lifestyle on PTCT7 – Show #10 – Mike Schultz, Highland Training

The latest episode of Movement is a Lifestyle on Peters Township Community Television features Mike Schultz of Highland Training. Thanks to the staff & students for making it happen and to our guest, Mike Schultz for taking time to talk about how to become a stronger, faster cyclist. Mike offered tips for cycling/training through the winter and guidance on whether hiring a coach is right for you. If improving your cycling is on your to do list, check out www.highlandtraining.net for endurance coaching!