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FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 51:22 Yay! Winter is Finally Here!

Labrador Lesson for 12-23-22:

Yay! Winter is finally here!

As Labradors, we like to move every day, in almost any weather…but our favorite season is Winter! We don’t need to worry about overheating, and we can hike on trails with less concern about ticks. We understand that humans don’t always like to get outside in the rain or snow. But if you acquire the proper gear, and dress for the conditions, you can get outside and keep moving through the Winter. While you’re shopping for human cold weather gear, pick up some Musher’s Secret Paw Wax for your dogs, and perhaps a dog coat if your dog doesn’t love the cold like we do.

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, a movement session in the fresh air is good for body and mind. Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog. So get prepared for conditions, then get outside and get moving!

FitLabPGH Movement Tips & Lifestyle Hacks Week 51 of 2022

FitLabPGH is a Pittsburgh area podcast and promoter of the ethos movement is a lifestyle, not just an activity.  Each week we bring you 3 movement tip & lifestyle hack videos because movement is part of what makes life complete.

Before the videos check out our latest Lab Lesson aka learn from the Labradors- they remind us to Be Consistent with Your Movement Practice

The videos for week 51 of 2022 what we wear when it is 20-30 degrees, #bikefit & #taketime to #celebrate