FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 1:23 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Labrador Lesson for 1-6-23 (Scroll down to the YouTube video or read the lesson below):

Don’t compare your movement practice to the practices of others.

Happy New Year! As Labradors, we appreciate our daily movement practice. We don’t compare ourselves to working dogs or dogs who frequently visit off-leash dog parks. We enjoy hiking with our humans, who we keep on leash for their safety. But we understand that humans have a tendency to compare themselves to the influencers who fill their social media feeds. Our advice? Stop! Don’t compare your daily movement practice to someone else’s social media highlight reel! Find movement that you enjoy, that fits into your lifestyle, and repeat consistently!

Whether you have 2 legs or 4, making movement part of your lifestyle is good for body and mind. Choose movement you like to do. Then keep moving. And move more. Most importantly, move for yourself, not just for likes on social media.