Movement is a Lifestyle Interviews

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FitLabPGH and Moving2Live host Ben Reuter is always eager to talk about movement as a lifestyle…not just an activity.  Below are some podcasts he has had the opportunity to be on.  Check them out and make sure you look at some of the other interviews on these podcasts.  If you are interested in interviewing him for your podcast, radio show, etc please contact us at

Selected Interviews:
How To NOT Get Sick And Die Podcast, EP 104 : How To Make Movement A Priority with Exercise Physiologist Ben Reuter PhD

-Living Well with Robin Stoloff- Sitting Is The New Smoking – Here’s How To Get Moving – Ben Reuter

Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser: Movement is a Lifestyle, Not Just an Activity, ep 44

-Making Pittsburgh Healthy- #13 The Power of Movement- Ben Reuter

-The Patterns of Play Podcast- Interview with Dr Ben Reuter: Currently a professor at California University of Pennsylvania

Terrance Hutchinson Your Best Lifestyles podcast- Ben Reuter, PHD,CSCS,*D ATC. Exercise Physiologist–PHD-CSCS-D-ATC–Exercise-Physiologist-ecidlt?

-Movement is a Lifestyle- Show #4: Kelly Kuhn, Kelly Kuhn Physical Therapy- movement screening for runners

-Movement is a Lifestyle – Show #3: Kelly Kuhn, Kelly Kuhn Physical Therapy

Funky Thinkers: FunkQuest season 1 playoffs Cathy v Ben Quarter finals1

Was Is Could Be by Liz Russell- Take a Hike. Seriously

-Movement is a Lifestyle – Show #2: Francie Desmone, Licensed Acupuncturist, Navigating Wellness, LLC.

Funky Thinkers: FUNKQUEST season one playoffs – 1st round – Ben V Kat

-Movement is a Lifestyle – Show #1: Drew Zihmer and Maverick

Dr. E’s Highway to Health Show Episode 34 Movement as a Lifestyle, Ben Reuter, PhD

Realistic Fitness w Paul Fuller & Ian Manning: Fitness for Life with Dr Ben Reuter

Upside of 40 with Sean Mooney- BONUS CLIP: Nutritional Side of Movement with Ben Reuter, PhD 

Upside of 40 with Sean Mooney- Make Every Move you Make Count & Get in Better Shape with Ben Reuter, PhD

Chrome and Steel Radio | A Daily Dose of Hope Episode 13 Moving to Live- Movement as a Lifestyle VS Activity

Doctor Health 5-18-19 HR2 (33:30 to end) with David Snow

Holistic Health Tips with Lori Jean- Expert Exercise Physiologist Ben Reuter

Move More – Live Better

De La Fit Podcast, season 3, episode 30- Movement as a Lifestyle

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